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James Barnett

I've recently worked with Eldad in sourcing quality products for my company. From the first contact, he has been magnificent and I would have no problem in recommending him to others. He's a great communicator and was able to source the products I was looking for quickly and within budget. 

Dina shirmas


i contacted them with a problem i have with one factory
they contacted him and fixed it in a day
i couldn't believe it

and they didn't charged me for it

Great bunch of people !!!!


Gabriel G

Eldad is very simply the best agent you can find. He's very attentive to his clients' requests, always thinking on his feet and solves any issues that might come up. His experience in the garment industry is unparalleled and was able to guide us
tremendously well during one of the biggest fulfillment nightmares: the covid-19 pandemic. Simply put, by having Eldad on your side, you can be sure that your businesses' operations in China are in good hands.

Rashid EL Mostaq

The staff's are professional and available to help, even after regular office hours. This agent fulfilling all kind of my requirements.
Highly Recommended.

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