Reduce Costs, Quality Issues, and Noise When Manufacturing in China.

Your On-the-Ground Dedicated Team for Better Results in China

Optimize Your Manufacturing with Our On-the-Ground Team in China

Streamline your manufacturing process by gaining direct access to the finest factories in China, personally vetted and managed by our expert team.
Ensure every aspect of your production — from pricing to quality control — is meticulously overseen, offering you unparalleled expertise and results.
Experience manufacturing that is not just faster and smarter, but extraordinarily reliable, all thanks to our dedicated, on-the-ground support tailored specifically for you.
How We Help

Deploy Your Team and Get: Simplified Operations, Reduced Costs, and Superior Quality.

Strategic Cost Reductions

Utilize our local knowledge and access to significantly reduce manufacturing costs.
We negotiate directly with factories, cutting out middlemen to ensure you get the best prices and optimizing your spending to boost your competitive edge.

Direct Factory Access

Directly access China's leading factories through our local partnerships.
Our presence guarantees transparency, faster production, and higher quality, aligning suppliers with your standards for reliable outcomes.

Local Respect & Reputation

Enhance your standing and command respect with our local team at your side.
Our presence strengthens your negotiating position, ensures prioritization of your projects, and leads to smoother, more favorable dealings.
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From direct negotiations and quality control to supply chain optimization and strategic sourcing — China Agent Ltd's depth of core manufacturing support gives your business everything needed to thrive. Partner with us for access to top factories, streamlined production processes, and integration with key market players, enhancing your operations in China and beyond.

Say Goodbye to Supplier Headaches!

We cut through the complexities of manufacturing in China. Being local, we understand the nuances of Chinese business culture and handle the frustrations for you. We help you absorb the usual setbacks and turn them into advantages, ensuring your operations run smoothly and your investments yield returns. With China Agent Ltd, navigate the manufacturing landscape with confidence and strategic insight.
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Say Nihao (Hello) to Manufacturing Peace of Mind.

Say "Nihao" to a seamless manufacturing experience with China Agent Ltd. Our specialized services are designed to transform your production process by providing:
Dream Prices: Leverage our deep network to access competitive pricing previously available only to the largest players.

Speed and Quality: Our on-the-ground team ensures quick turnaround times and stringent quality checks, maintaining high standards at every production phase.

Favorable Payment Terms: Benefit from flexible payment terms that improve cash flow and reduce financial strain.

Enhanced Reputation: Our support elevates your standing with suppliers, ensuring you are treated as a valued partner, which translates to better service and reliability.

Unlock Efficiency and Speed with Proven Results

25 %

Reduce Costs

Maximize Efficiency: Cut manufacturing costs by eliminating middlemen and securing direct factory prices. Savings can reach up to 50% in some cases.

7 Days

Accelerate Production

Fast-Track: Say goodbye to the typical 45 or 60 days of production. With our local expertise and management, accelerate the process to as fast as 7 days.
50 %

Close Faster

Streamlined Negotiations: Time is money ,Close deals 50% faster through established local relationships and expert knowledge of market dynamics.
0 Noise

Zero Noise

Smooth Operations: Minimize disruptions by 90% with our expert handling of local complexities, ensuring a seamless manufacturing process.


Garrett Godfrey

Eldad and his team are extremely helpful, competent and trustworthy when it comes to all things related to sourcing products from China. Not only has Eldad been extremely prompt and helpful when reaching out, he also goes above and beyond to make sure that everything is to my exact specifications and requirements.



Alexander Pelin

I’ve already referred a few friends to work with China agent and all of them have been happy with their service. If I could give more stars, I would because I have never been let down and trust Eldad and China Agent. If you’re looking for a forwarder you can trust, look no further, because you’ve found them here!




I highly recommend the entire China Agent team. They are all very professional and keep their word at every step. There are no problems for them that cannot be solved. The China team always finds the best solution and the best price! 100% recommended!

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Ideal for startups or smaller projects needing basic daily Oversight, Guidance and Support.

Basic Package

Weekly Support
English Project Manager
Office Address in China
Added Quality Control
Strategic Legal Assistance

Perfect for Regular Order Brands Requiring Dedicated, Full-Time Care and Dedication.

Full-Time Package

Full-time Support
A dedicated PM
Warehouse Access
360 legal Converge
Strategic Support

Deploy Your Support Team and Enhance Efficiency Today.

Get a dedicated team for seamless production, negotiations, and legal backing, ensuring cost-effective and smooth operations.

Cut unnecessary costs and streamline your manufacturing process.

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