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China Agent Ltd specializes in demystifying the manufacturing landscape of China for international brands.
With a dedicated team based in the heart of China’s industrial sectors, we offer tailored solutions that streamline production, enhance quality, and reduce costs.
Our Core

Our Mission

Our mission at China Agent Ltd is to simplify the complexities of manufacturing in China, providing our clients with direct access to the best factories and suppliers. We aim to create transparent, efficient, and cost-effective manufacturing processes that empower your business


We ensure complete visibility into the manufacturing process, from supplier selection to production.

Client Focus

We prioritize our clients’ needs & wants', ensuring personalized service and tailored solutions.


We operate with the utmost integrity and professionalism, fostering trust and long-term partnerships.

From Guangzhou Agent to

China Agent Ltd


China Agent Ltd was founded as GuangzhouAgent in 2010, situated in Guangzhou—a pivotal manufacturing city in China renowned for its vast industrial capabilities and strategic importance to global trade.
Starting with a single office, our initial goal was to bridge the gap between international brands and China's manufacturing powerhouses by providing direct access to factories without intermediaries.
As our expertise deepened and our client base expanded, we broadened our operations to better meet the diverse needs of our clientele. Today, China Agent Ltd operates from three main locations across China, each strategically selected for its unique manufacturing strengths
guangzhou office china agent ltd

Guangzhou, China.

 Our foundational city, where we maintain our largest operations, is a center for electronics, textiles, and consumer goods.

Shenzhen, China.

Globally recognized as a hub for technology and innovation, our Shenzhen office focuses on high-tech industries, providing clients with access to cutting-edge manufacturing solutions.

Yiwu, China.

Famous for hosting the Yiwu International Trade City, the world’s largest wholesale commodities market, our Yiwu office aids clients in sourcing a vast array of products efficiently and cost-effectively.
In addition to these main offices, we have established several subdivisions in key manufacturing hubs across China, tailored to specific industries such as automotive parts, machinery, and plastics.
This allows us to offer specialized services and gain deeper insights into each sector.
Our expansion reflects our unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive support to our clients. By maintaining a robust presence in critical manufacturing zones, we ensure that we are always close to the action, ready to address any challenges swiftly and effectively.
This strategic presence across China not only enhances our capability to serve you better but also solidifies our role as your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of Chinese manufacturing.
Guagzhou agent 2010


2009 - The Beginning

In 2009, we established our First office under the name Guangzhou Agent, marking the commencement of our mission to streamline the manufacturing process in China.

2012 - Yiwu and Shenzhen Offices

Expend into Yiwu and Shenzhen, enhancing our network and deepening our proficiency in crucial manufacturing centers.
China agent Team

2016 - Growth and Rebranding

Evolved to China Agent, reflecting our wide-ranging services across China’s manufacturing landscape.
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Since 2010, China Agent Ltd has streamlined China’s complex manufacturing for international brands, bridging the gap with top Chinese manufacturers. Our on-the-ground expertise delivers seamless, cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

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