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Everything You Need to Streamline Production in China

From direct factory access to strategic negotiations and quality control, China Agent Ltd provides full-scale management to ensure your manufacturing process is efficient, cost-effective, and hassle-free. Partner with us to transform your production challenges into competitive advantages.

Refined Monthly Support Plans:

Basic Service Package

Ideal for startups or smaller projects needing essential support with daily operations.

  • English Project Manager: Benefit from seamless communication and project management with an English-speaking manager.
  • Office Address in China: Establish your business presence with a local office address.
  • Access to In-house Services: Utilize our in-house quality control, accounting, and legal support to ensure your operations run smoothly.
  • Essential Oversight and Guidance: Receive the fundamental oversight and strategic guidance necessary to navigate the manufacturing landscape in China effectively.

950/ mo

Part-Time Package

Suitable for growing businesses that require more comprehensive support and management involvement.

  • Dedicated English Project Manager: Work closely with a dedicated manager who will oversee your projects and ensure your specific needs are met.
  • Branded Office Address in China: Strengthen your business identity with a branded office location.
  • Full Access to In-house Expertise: Benefit from regular, detailed involvement from our quality control, accounting, and legal teams.
  • Enhanced Strategic Support: Leverage more in-depth strategic planning and management involvement to advance your manufacturing goals.

$ 1800/ mo

Full-Time Package

Perfect for established brands requiring dedicated, full-time oversight and strategic partnership.

  • Full-Time English Project Manager: Have a dedicated project manager fully committed to your projects, providing constant support and detailed attention.
  • Branded Office Address in China: Showcase your brand’s commitment with a prominent branded office.
  • Unrestricted Access to Expert Services: Gain unlimited access to our in-house quality control, accounting, legal expertise, and strategic management support.
  • Comprehensive Strategic and Operational Support: Receive the highest level of strategic planning and operational execution to optimize every aspect of your manufacturing process.

$ 2,600/ mo

Per Project Services:

Hub & Supplier Research

Find the Best Hubs and Suppliers: Precision-Matched for Optimized Cost and Quality.

  • Strategic Hub Selection: Pinpoint the most effective manufacturing sites across Asia to ensure optimal cost, quality, and efficiency.
  • Supplier Vetting: Employ a rigorous vetting process to confirm that potential suppliers meet your standards for quality, capacity, and ethical practices.
  • Market Prices and Capabilities: Receive detailed insights into market prices, manufacturing capabilities, and the availability of up to three potential suppliers.


Visit & Verify My Supplier

Physical Visits and Comprehensive Background Checks for Assurance of Quality and Reliability.

  • Deep-Dive Supplier Checks: Thorough evaluations to ensure supplier legitimacy and adherence to quality standards.
  • Genuine Site Visits: Personal interactions to understand the operational realities and align them with your expectations.
  • Benchmarking Quality & Proactive Risk Mapping: Set high quality standards and identify potential issues early on, ensuring smooth operations.


Guided Factory Tours

All-Inclusive Tours for On-Site Insights and Direct Interaction with Suppliers.

  • Comprehensive Tour Experience: Enjoy stress-free visits with all logistics handled by us, including transportation to and from locations.
  • Translation Services: Overcome language barriers with professional translation services included, ensuring clear and effective communication during your visits.
  • On-the-Ground Support: Benefit from the expertise of our local team who provide guidance and insights, helping you make informed decisions directly on the factory floor or at trade fairs.

$950/ day

Negotiation and Contracting

Hands-on with Your Suppliers, Securing Top-Notch Deals and Crafting Contracts that Safeguard Your Interests.

  • Expert Negotiations: Leverage our understanding of local culture and laws to secure beneficial deals.
  • Optimized Payment Terms: Arrange payment terms that provide financial flexibility.
  • Custom-Tailored Contracts & Demystifying Details: Contracts designed to protect your specific needs, navigating the complexities of local regulations.


A To Z, Complete  Support Services:

Total Manufacturing Suite: The Zero-Hassle Solution

Complete Product Development from A to Z: Streamline Your Path from Concept to Market.

  • Feasibility and Production Fit Assessment: Begin with evaluating the feasibility of your concept, focusing on its compatibility with production processes to ensure a seamless journey from idea to product.
  • Design Optimization: Work with our experts to refine your product design for manufacturability, enhancing cost efficiency and consumer appeal.
  • Market Prices and Capabilities: Receive detailed insights into market prices, manufacturing capabilities, and the availability of up to three potential suppliers.
  • Prototype Development and Testing: Rapid prototyping and iterative testing identify and resolve potential issues early, saving time and resources.
  • Supplier Matching and Negotiation: Match you with the ideal suppliers and negotiate on your behalf, leveraging our local presence to secure the most favorable terms.
  • Production Monitoring: Maintain oversight throughout the production process to ensure adherence to quality standards and specifications.
  • Legal Support and IP Protection: Protect your intellectual property with robust OEM agreements and ensure your innovations are safeguarded.
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement: Implement continuous quality assurance processes and incorporate feedback to enhance product quality.
  • Inspection and Shipping Arrangements: Conduct rigorous quality checks and compliance verification to meet both local and international standards, and arrange all logistics for shipping.


The Fixer - Service Swift Resolution and Robust Support

Resolve Supplier Disputes with Confidence: Your Ally in Negotiation and Fair Play.

  • Expert Intervention in Supplier Disputes: Quickly address and manage disputes concerning payments, quality, and other contractual issues with suppliers.
  • Local Advocacy: When suppliers learn that you have dedicated local support through us, their approach often shifts, leading to more favorable outcomes for you.
  • Strategic Negotiation: Leverage our local presence to alter the dynamics of negotiations, ensuring that suppliers treat your concerns with the seriousness they deserve.
  • Legal Expertise and Support: Gain access to our experienced legal professionals who specialize in navigating and resolving supplier disputes under Chinese law.
  • Effective Conflict Resolution: We specialize in mediating conflicts efficiently, securing fair resolutions that protect your interests.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Keep detailed records of all interactions and resolutions, ensuring transparency and a clear history of the dispute.
  • Reassurance and Support: Feel supported throughout the process, with our team ensuring you’re never alone in facing supplier challenges. Our presence provides the reassurance needed to navigate these complex situations confidently.


Complete Supply Chain Mapping with Multiple Visits

Gain an in-depth understanding and ongoing oversight of your entire supply chain with multiple visits to each supplier.

  • Comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM): Receive an exact breakdown of every material and component used in your production, ensuring full transparency and control.
  • Machinery and Techniques Documentation: Document key machinery and production techniques to guarantee quality replication and adherence to standards.
  • Process Flow Mapping: Detail every step of the manufacturing process, from initial materials to final assembly, ensuring a thorough understanding of each production phase.
  • Multiple Supplier Visits: Conduct regular and strategic visits to each key supplier to monitor compliance, quality, and progress, ensuring that each stage of the supply chain meets your high standards.
  • Skill and Knowledge Transfer: Facilitate the transfer of necessary skills and knowledge to production teams, essential for maintaining quality and efficiency.
  • Supplier Insight and Continuous Monitoring: Maintain detailed records of supplier performance and ongoing interactions to manage relationships proactively and optimize production outcomes.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Perform detailed evaluations of the financial and operational impacts of each supplier, providing a basis for strategic decisions regarding supply chain adjustments.




Private Label company

maria Harris

we are a small private label company
Guangzhou agent where instrumental In our New product development.
great group of people.
highly recommended if you looking for high quality product development in China .




This is a first rate company. They did everything I asked for and went above and beyond to make sure my product was executed perfectly. They also saved me money through researching the market for the best deal. The staff are professional and available to help, even after regular office hours.

Blue Marina

It was really great working with Guangzhou Agent team. That was the first time we made purchase in China and we're very satisfied. The company agents were very helpful and professional. Will work again with them in the future.

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